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  • Maintain unlimited contacts per Client/Prospect
  • Interface to exchange and link detail between Visual Grasp® customers and prospect Up to 1,000,000 user defined categories
  • Attach any number of categories to each prospect for searching and filtering needsAttach any number of categories to each prospect for searching and filtering needs
  • Search by City, Contact Name or partial name
  • Build a library of standard email responses and email directly from this software
  • Built in Calendar/Agenda by individual and Team
  • Run bulk email followups on past activities
  • Calendar is “Time zone” aware for appointment management across various time zones
  • Run and manage various Campaigns
  • Available for SQL or embedded database
  • Optional GraspWEB™ module allows interface over the internet from your favourite smart phone device
  • Track contact history by Representative
  • Follow up Day Board by Representative shows contact history and follow up date
  • Log donations and issue receipts (VG-CRMFR3 only)
  • Built-in spell checker (English and French)
  • Log/track pledges (VG-CRMFR3 only)
  • Log donations and issue receipts (VG-CRMFR3 only)
  • Handle Cash and non-Cash donations, With or Without Advantage. (VG-CRMFR3 only)
  • Print Thank You letters for pledges and donations (VG-CRMFR3 only)
  • And much more

VG-CRM Customer Relationship Management software makes your client relationship activities and donation tracking easy with the easy to follow menus and simplistic design. Contact us today for more information. GRASP SOFTWARE CORPORATION: 1-877-759-6783.


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